Some Symptoms, 2019

By | 1 February 2020

Summer temperatures peaking some thirty
to forty degrees above average in the sub-
Arctic. Forest fires burn through Siberia for
three months. Melting of this mass in Green-
land wasn’t predicted to happen until 2070,
but it happened this year. Siberia is warming
so quickly that the ground is collapsing. Taku
Glacier, one of the world’s thickest known,
officially joins all other glaciers in the process
of retreating. July is the hottest month
ever recorded in Alaska. July is the hottest July
ever recorded globally. July is the hottest
month recorded on Earth. But the single-largest
day of melting in Greenland isn’t recorded
until August 1. June also the hottest global

June on record. A melt-lake is found on Mont
Blanc. Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands
mark new peaks, hottest ever days. France’s
highest recorded temperature. Studies suggest
hundreds of puffins that washed up dead

on Alaskan shores simply couldn’t get enough
food. Glaciers in Pakistan moving at record pace.
A hail storm in Mexico is described as “bizarre”,
but then, Greenland had already lost 2 billion
tonnes of ice in one week in June, before

the typical melt season had really even begun.
Extreme drought in Chennai leads to brawling
over what little water is left. The second-driest
Delhi has been in twenty-six years, but Churu
also misses out on a record, 50.8 degrees C
not quite equalling 2016’s high of 51. Still,
the total number of deaths are unknown.
In May, Cyclone Fani is the strongest
storm to hit India in decades. In October
Tropical Cyclone Kyarr is the second-strongest
wind event recorded over the Arabian Sea,
contributing to an overall “most intense
cyclone season on record” for the Indian
Ocean. Indonesia announces plans to move
administration duties out of Jakarta,
which is sinking. Continental USA marks
its wettest ever twelve-month period. One
month’s worth of rain falls on DC in one
hour. Tropical storm Barry floods all around
the Gulf of Mexico. Monsoonal flooding
leads to landslides in Nepal. Vietnam records
its hottest ever day. Record March temperatures
in Alaska. Wildfires in the UK in February. Wildfires
in Sweden, Scotland and Norway. Polar
Bears invade a Russian island town, emergency
declared. Hurricane Dorian devastates
the Bahamas. Hundreds of October temperature
records broken in the USA. September
equals second-hottest there. Fires
and power outages make headlines

in California. Three islands disappeared
in the past year. Thousands dead to Cyclone
Idai, though its Kenneth which becomes the
strongest storm ever recorded in Mozambique.
Seventy dead in South African mudslides.
Australia’s top end sees sea water rising two
to three times faster than the global average.
Coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef hits
new lows. Green Turtle hatchlings are now 99%
female due to warmer temperatures.
The hottest March on record in Australia.
Record flooding in Mid-West America.
Wildfires in Alberta. The worst floods
in years in Bangladesh. Record breaking
high temperatures in several cities

of America during a July heatwave.
January is the hottest month ever
recorded in Australia. Long-term drought
thought to play a role in the mass die-off
of a million fish from the Murray-Darling

river system, some of them long-lived
native species. By September some towns
in New South Wales expect to
completely run out of water. Record
October temperatures in parts of Victoria.

Perth has its hottest September,
driest in 42 years, second-hottest
October for Western Australia. A
record number of out of control
fires burning concurrently in

New South Wales in November.
Mussels cooking in their shells
off California. In Iceland Ok glacier
is not okay, but declared dead,
completely gone.

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