By | 1 February 2020

of intent
let light
hollows carved by
hand and shepherd day
until she elbows her way
back into the corner you never
stand to lose if you raise one foot
from a wooden last and lace your
boots with birdsong and straw
twist pocketed fingers until
each one finds something
to witness something
you might step over
like emerald shoots
tickling the face of
blossom or the
day a baby
meets herself
in the mirror
or how to read
a fine friend
whose muddy
eyes match
slow feet
keep walking
until you know
it is time to sit and
listen do not question
your heartbeat be
unperturbed by the
muttering night strike
at darkness until it sparks
burn beeswax and set your way
with beacons find the flint bequeathed
to you by mother morning she wants nothing
less for you than today she made a pact with
the moon and dressed waves in lace to remind
you to renew to breathe slowly she asks for your
attention is the wind tousling and tugging at you
is the sun on your neck a warm painted scarf can
you smell the earth in unscented petals is concrete
sparkling on your city paths do you see headings
or stories in the eyes of sisters will you inflate
or deflate their table of contents will this be
the day you discard forks to eat slices of
summer with your fingers can you taste
the salty marrow of your lineage do you
know whose names are engraved into
your brow it is us the ones you cannot
see in your reflection it is us we who
stitched ancient
mantras into your wing
tips we do not walk in
front we wait behind
you beside you

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