Household Accounting

By | 1 February 2019

isn’t like departmental budgeting
at all.
No amount of funding pie-chart
will turn the lights back on
if you don’t have the five-digit password
to the email account
where the bills are. There is very little
put aside for guns. Coffee
cannot be bought in bulk, in barrel
drums like bombs,
without a business number or official
credit card. When someone dies
everything in their name
Per capita per annums readjust but
they don’t tell you where
the rent money came from, or even
how much it was. Not the wi-fi
or Netflix passwords, not the code
for the safe. Nothing
can re-fill the quota, the profitability,
the efficiency matrix—
the space in the garage, the cup
of tea gone cold on the counter, the heart
half empty.

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