Madeleine Dale

Madeleine Dale is an emerging poet based in Brisbane, Australia. She has previously completed an Honours degree focusing on representations of the dead in the war poetry of Siegfried Sassoon. Her work can be found in Pressure Gauge Press, Uneven Floor, Ibis House, and Voiceworks, among others. She can be found yelling about reality television on twitter at @mrj_dale.


excuse me, i’m no good with language—it’s not what i was trained on, the way you were nursed, perfect milk-mouth full of fricatives. in the space that would be the space in the cavern of a skull, i keep four …

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Household Accounting

isn’t like departmental budgeting at all. No amount of funding pie-chart will turn the lights back on if you don’t have the five-digit password to the email account where the bills are. There is very little put aside for guns. …

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