To The Governor Part II

By | 15 February 2023

Imposing my will
But like a bird I am free
This is my chance
I up and I flee
The grass is real green
But I knew it would be
Through fire and brimstone
A new day called peace
I take with me traits
Once I seen to be stripes
I guess all that changed
When men take a life
So thanks for the lessons
And I’m on to the next
And yes it costs pride
And or more just with acts
My actions are mine
I’m not coming back

This poem is a conclusion of the ‘To The Governor‘ piece. Judgement Day comes – you come out of jail. The traits that you learn in jail / the stripes, aren’t going to work. The codes that you learn in jail don’t fit outside. It’s a reminder of what you do outside. It costs a lot of pride. My father taught me great ethics. That’s a great Blackfella thing in me.

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