Of Freedom

By | 15 February 2023

I wake alone and dream
of freedom when the uncertain curtain
fails to block out the morning light
I ask myself do I know freedom

when the early tui calls dimly and
the crickets hum beneath my window
I swirl the leaves in my tea and see
the poet waver what of freedom

the cat yawns his collar glints
he does not remember his time
on the streets linen sheets
the cat is indifferent to freedom

those who march find their place
in the swell and the howl and the
blood and the belly breaking
banded fight for freedom

while in a prison ward cucumbers
are chopped and one green leaf
stark against the cell door
offers freedom to the openhearted

still the pen embarrassed
turns away not at the lack
of words but the flow of them
what right have I to know freedom

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