The Musty Pool of Expectations | अपेक्षांचं कुबट थारोळं

By and | 1 October 2016

Translated from the Marathi to the English by Krishna Kimbahune

These sorrows have been blocked
in my blood vessels for so long …
I cannot even breathe properly
Life has got so confined

All my replicas-
wife, mother, beloved, friend
that I lived, with all my flesh and blood, intensely
from the bottom of my heart-
make faces at me now, violent, ferocious

‘Why didn’t you go for a revolutionary end?’
‘Keep writing like a woman!’
‘You must keep the prism of Buddhism in mind’
‘Why write bitter to this extent?
Try some romantic mode!’

I happen to listen to the voices
Anytime… anywhere…
Right under the sun
In the night, in the late nights even
On roads
In solitude
On a platform
In dreams

This musty pool of expectations, accumulated for so long,
Continuously trickles
Stinks to no end

What freedom of choice?
It is the crystal
Glittering and rare
That eludes my hands.

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