reconstructing a rabbit

By | 1 July 2009

take something sharp
& begin


the crescent curve of his back
folded fullmoon the rabbit world opens
thickly; darkly bound these stitches

you are bookbinder cartographer
historian: this body of work to be studied

the rabbit measures by its teeth
where all wisdom is stored how it discovers
its existence identity
kit & kindle
its rabbit-proof

remove the incisors these are your luck
the feet may be soft & more sightly
yes, but they are
merely decoration

knowledge is the greater fortune

ask the rabbit on the tall ship
the rabbit with the pocketwatch


the ribs like bows unstrung beware the sharp end
there will be no fairytale wound

sleep awhile, if you will
but expect no handsome visitor

its capped heart a flask for
what? linseed oil?
fodder for careful creatures
ears raised & a phosphate thump

label the provinces:

calcaneus carpus cranium femur
ilium mandible maxilla phalanges
radius scapula sternum tibia

a rabbit atlas

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