Lessons in Ideational/Propositional Meaning Theories

By | 1 August 2010

That is that
though the is
is the that though.
That is
the, though that is though,
the is that, the and though
though though is that.
Is that that and that? That though
is the The.
The is the that
and that and that
though the though
is though.
is though that or that
or the? Or The the?
That is that and that is not that
though that is not that that
though that
is not the that.
That is that
the or though
though though is that or the.
That is not that that, though
the is that that
or that the that.
The though is not the not —
Is not that the though is?
But though is not that is
though though is not
that that.
That is that, or the and that
and that though
is The the, though The the
is that, not that, and though
and though and though.
The the is the the and that;
That is that not that but that and that;
and though though is though,
though is though, not that.

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