tweets i never published

By | 1 February 2017

there’s a vision of the person
   i want to be & it’s not
   the type of person  who goes jogging

nor the type of person
   who dates @_______
   for all of their life  #SorryNotSorry

coz sometimes i hate your cheekbones
   so immensely
   i want to squeeze them  til they pop

like a pimple but with spurt
   & ooze of rancid pus,
   of blood,  of your hefty opinions

& there are days i hate
   polyamory – it makes me
   more tired  than i thought possible

speaking of: can i hope  to slumber
   in a modest space
   bristling with fairy lights  until 2020?

or at the very least: to sleep  til you cease
   narrating my life
   like i’m rules  of an obscure board game

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