try color

By | 1 July 2006

i want to give it to you from behind
you my precipitous coastline:
a beach in places inaccessible
fading to conditional parameters
(pressure, entropy and volume
stance drawn and coiled
yeah, I want to take it from behind

do you want it from behind?
representing the boundary line
numerous small caves open on the coast
and springs more or less impregnated
while iron lime etc are common
phases of substance
plotting a parobola of anxiety
strata generally about vertical
but in some parts broken
contorted foliated and overturned
yeah, I like it from behind

you're gonna get it hard!
all varying in color from dark blue and dark red
and purplish brown ochrous yellow
and clear pale chalky pink
change that occurs
between two or more small veins of quartz
between lamina
containing the world's distant memory
a reversion to the minor strain
on or about
melting polar ice caps
yeah, we all like taking it hard!

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