Sebastian Gurciullo

Sebastian Gurciullo has co-edited and contributed to the textbase journal since 1998. His first (and only) collection of concrete poetry is Marginal Text (textbase publications 2004). Other concrete pieces have recently been published in Prague Literary Review (2004) and Unusual Work (2005). He works as an editor and curator at Public Record Office Victoria.


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Pattern recognition #2

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Gene Pool

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and for each a cloud

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hard rubbish collection

Holds 1000 litres save every drop of your precious rainwater perfect for the family home or holiday house marine grade PVC bladder clip together zinc-plated tubular steel frame mesh protective cover easy to assemble Includes adaptor 150cm tall 120cm diameter …

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A Moral Science

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try color

Sebastian Gurciullo has been co-editor of and contributor to textbase since its inception in 1998. His most recent publications include Marginal Text through textbase publications (2004) and concrete pieces in Unusual Work No.2 (2005). He works as a curator of online exhibitions at Public Record Office Victoria, where he is also editor of Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria.

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