the cement of our nation

By | 1 July 2006

this nation's unswerving commitment
to racial equality
an absolute determination
to ensure that all sections
of the australian community
are fully integrated with
the mainstream of our national life
on these bedrock principles
culturally diverse community
overriding and unifying commitment to australia
deserve to be treated with tolerance and repsect
deserve to be/treated with/tolerance and respect
the best australian ideals of tolerance and
decency as well as the best australian tradition
of realism and balance
our common values that bind
us together as one people – respect for the freedom and
dignity of the individual
respect for the freedom/and dignity/of the individual
a commitment to the rule of law
the equality of men and women and a spirit
of egalitarianism that embraces tolerance
fair play and compassion
for those in need
egalitarianism/tolerance/fair play/compassion
for those in need
pride in what are commonly regarded as the values
traditions and accomplishments of old australia
the values/ traditions/ and accomplishments/ of old
all stand/repeat after me: I so-and-so do solemnly swear

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