By | 1 October 2010

– for Jane Gibian, with some trepidation

[the] OFFER: 3 cans [of] fly spray [or equivalent led more
or less straight to the] assorted videos
[Unreflexive then, she was more hate, less] Ashbery.
[The] Pregnancy test,
Hurl[ed, spun like a rune ]stone, [a compass, needling the marrow of Panhandle] Park

WA[RRA]NTED [the frail] Road bike [on screaming slopes, the sloe gin
burn: a necessary] (pref[ace to her] working condition)
[The] Plaster [rosette ripe] for mould making,
its green galaxy spreading above hers red below and coming round, she’s

[MIS]TAKEN [the fluting rods of the] old bamboo
blinds [for] St Peter’s [gate, turns back and

thinks the pr]OFFER[ed hand will hold the] Assorted shells
[she wears,] (Forest[all dis]Lodge[ment])

[D]ECEIVED: [shop]ping [while he’s in Pat]pong [she] table[s]

the OFF[END]ER[‘S traits]: half[wit, thick-]set [non-]vintage [money;
seamed like a] golf bag Darling[, not] ton[ight!]
Old Iron Frame [can never keep it] Pian[issim]o;
the neighbours gave up talking years ago.

[Still wasp-]WA[IS]TED: [she envies the] Bulky
knitting machine[s, purling quietly in the depths of their folded mantles]
please (No! [something seasick] Rocks) inside her hearing doctors
Trumpet[ing the miracles of] valve [and c]oil

[not realising until she got home that she’d] TAKEN [the] toy train
[from the burning wreck of the] Alexandria [waiting room].

WANTED: [a] garden [of co]gnom[ina]
[a fat] piggy bank
Beans for beanbag

[MIS]TAKEN: D[e]V[oi]D [spac]es [are not the same as] (empty)

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