Joshua Mei-Ling Dubrau

Josh shuttles between Wollongong and Sydney, where she is a doctoral student at the University of New South Wales. Her thesis employs the Lacanian subject as an agent in the reading of diverse modes of poetry. Work by Josh has appeared recently in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Newcastle Poetry Prize judges' anthology, The Night Road. She is also the editor of the peer-reviewed creative journal Rubric ( Software for this, and other recent works is written by Mark Havryliv, a composer who likes making music from non-musical sources and writes code to make that happen (don't adjust your speakers, he thinks this poem works better without music).

Et Tu

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– for Jane Gibian, with some trepidation [the] OFFER: 3 cans [of] fly spray [or equivalent led more or less straight to the] assorted videos [Unreflexive then, she was more hate, less] Ashbery. [The] Pregnancy test, Hurl[ed, spun like a …

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