Silence for indifference.

By | 1 October 2010

There’s a siren but far away, A kitten blows like tumbleweed
down a street otherwise empty. The closed storefronts are vacant
as dreams, and the traffic lights like absence before the raw,
Streaks of wind, It is barely dawn, The wind filled your ears

with sounds, Colour spools from fruits & grains, The incline
runs to golden water, The sky has become Lined in dim light,
Late current buzz, Things from the side of the road, Road bike,
The lake Glitters, The lights go on uptown, At the top of the hill,

it goes down and there’s the store in a small valley. Spotlight
operator, A photographer in Bentleigh East, A pig with a solid
gold nose ring, It Definitely contributed to that, though,
The Word is like the hold of a ship Heemskerck, its timbers.

They Are traces of Surface effects, But Not the real thing.
A subtle mind tends to confuse thought with action.
A rolling cupboard gathers no moths A cup on a table
and it’s just about to be filled. I walk in the garden Hannah,

My tie is kept down with a tie clip, Footprints were black,
You, who call yourself savvy, The keys to your house
tinkle generously in my pocket. Even ordinary words
like the ones you’re reading now will end up as something,

Visits what ends — This is how you jettison a load slowly.
Everything vegetates, this is known. The cycle of nature,
we said, remains unbroken. Tongue stilled, dagger at my throat
Is who you are. You mistook my silence for indifference.

Phrases or sentences from each work in issue 33 were copied out, and then grouped together.
Capital letters introduce new transition from one poem to another. Even after a period.
Only one or two times were two phrase or sentence taken from one poem.

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