Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa

Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa was born in Warri, Nigeria, and currently lives in Ireland. He studied at the University of Lagos, and the University of Iowa. He obtained an MFA from Waterford Institute of Technology. His poetry has been published widely, including in DIAGRAM, Echoing Years, Irish Pages, Salt River Review, Barnwood, San Pedro River Review, and Edison Literary Review. He has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes three times, and he received the 2008 W. B. Yeats Pierce Loughran Award.

Silence for indifference.

There’s a siren but far away, A kitten blows like tumbleweed down a street otherwise empty. The closed storefronts are vacant as dreams, and the traffic lights like absence before the raw, Streaks of wind, It is barely dawn, The …

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[After sleep the body’s imprint lingers]

~ In the summer, they are tiny, cotton puffs, thin with the need to escape … These winterdreams are heavier and take longer to sort. ~ unexamined life continuous digital glitch presenting as analog texture. In Fremantle we tour the …

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SIMPLY BY SAILING IN A NEW DIRECTION A net of names drops into the illiterate sea. MY PRIVATE MISSILE CRISIS 28.03.10 Twice miss the mark by seconds. Quivering nights await The mechanic says my engine Is easily fixed Ignition falters …

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