[After sleep the body’s imprint lingers]

By | 1 October 2010

~ In the summer, they are tiny, cotton puffs,
thin with the need to escape …
These winterdreams are heavier
and take longer to sort. ~ unexamined life continuous
digital glitch presenting as analog texture.
In Fremantle we tour the wreck
of the Batavia — preserved immersed timbers tell us
humans are heavier than water, lighter than air— ~
[This line is splendid, till silence
becomes a better listener]

~ An arrowhead of cormorants strikes the horizon. ~
There are traces of coals in the lymph ~
[Someone practising the piano in a room nearby.]
~ Potted metal seedlings mock a germination clock,
Colour spools from fruits & grains, ~
I see cows on these pleasant journeys;
and I hear birds. I lean on my stick.
~ This sentence () the first lines of a poem
… interrupted thought ~ Cricket is a slow game. ~
[In the banana, the child asks] ~ Who is Allen Ginsberg? ~

~ Inside the rain bubble you feel no rain. ~
The earth is smoking its way to a new equilibrium.
The fish are fried, … The Mayans
feel vanquished. ~ before dawn
even flowers are grey
magpies monochrome flautists
pipe in the colours ~ after staring
at the sun all day we agreed~
this sentence should not be used in any poem ~
we agreed we could no longer see each other.


” ~” This is from a different poem
“[ ]” This is from me
“…” I omitted some words here
“()” The order of the phrase is flipped

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