Penny Kill Shilling

By | 15 May 2017

De man no dead but slave master bury him.
No matter how him holler, “Massa me no dead yet,”
Massa answer, “Carry him go ‘long.”
What do we call that? Some call it profit.
Some call it wickedness.

“I am the last in the line of the man Massa bury.
My great- grandmother run to the hills
same day, with Papa in her belly. Papa
was a wild one, kill plenty backra. Each time
he kill one him say, ‘Massa me no dead yet.’”

Now we sing ole song and tell ole stories,
we remember white man named Dunbar
who act as spy for Maroons, tek him mek warning,
all who come for ‘Science,’ never double spy.
Maroon tek action. Penny kill shilling.

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