Messages to Bush Children – Building

By | 15 May 2017

Children …
If you must build your house
beyond La Maison’s Bridge
on Des Barras’ green ridge
use a carpenter with godly fear.
Pray for him.
for Christ’s favour
as he builds
on Marquis’ old coconut grave.

Children …
If you must build your house
on bloody, unredeemed land
or spirit-filled wasteland,
use the pious Nails of the Cross.
Wound each board.
Seek the blood
to shield you
as you walk
this windswept graveyard.

Children …
Now you live on this ridge
where the dark never sleeps,
so close your ears when the lost coven calls.
Eschew their verses.
Refuse their charms
to protect your soul
as you live
amongst the charmed,
walking damned.

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