Crystal Chandeliers

By | 15 May 2017

The name of Country and Western song by Charlie Pride my father used to woo my mother.

This Sunday I came to his house that smells of death,
a spread of mannish water, fried sprat and curried goat,
just to say hello; the windows closed hold time

so no spirits may pass the round black wine holder holds
different rums. All that’s missing are glasses and an ice holder.

At my home my mother keeps her sterling
silver ice bucket and prongs hidden
to be laid out only on Ralph Lauren
table cloths with good plates. Crystal
glasses on Sundays are held with pinkies out

My father said I reminded him of her
I belong to her need for acquisition from his decay
there’re no similarities between he and I save for big toe and name.

I take a bottle of rum, and leave. Later I will call his name
and tilt a drop to him from mother’s crystal glass.

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