two excerpts from INFRA, an afterword

By | 1 April 2016


equivalence is not the same as existence
or the same as living or you can go now
flushed out from the shrubbery
to a surface whose angle is
moving toward you
& your dying
but the moths are the moths
eating wool blankets & flying round the
desk light one & the same ones
nil igitur mors est ad nos
tenderly to
escort the walrus herd in flight a lapse

to walk facing into a spider’s
web along the garden path & left there
the spider astride the shipwreck
of what I can’t avoid
that being oneself can’t be
being self possessor of oneself who can’t
own seeds of self whose being who
oneself now can’t mean one


I buy flowers two bunches
Norma says she eats chocolate
for those ones who can’t any
longer I translate pastor
cum traheret
for the shame
of having horrible things happen
forsaking this vividness it costs
too much for tenderly living

no stars no moon it’s
been two weeks & she’s
still traveling she feels
more away more distant
redundant & its precious
juice drained from a ciborium
it’s her syntax of pattern
& prayer that’s hocus pocus
hoc est corpus but not
now royal for raving
for virus

she shepherds her
across the waves in
her idea boat in a song
as her atmosphere of promise
an apostrophe to future as
I stumble into this where
atoms split I rescue
objects it’s my duty I
leave things as they are as
if to be summoned I remind
myself that she can’t

to conclude Alice performed
her ritual of outrage a ceremony
for those who no longer who hungered
she didn’t remember
the drawing she’d drawn of an owl
but only the owl’s feather
Beth sent her that the drawing
in reply was sent for

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