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By | 1 April 2016

I thought for a long time
“A Woman is Talking to Death”
referred to a woman talking if not too much
at least a lot, as in talking you to death
something I do all the time
open one sentence after another
close some later, get annoyed
when you seem distracted

in the classroom too, if it were more mixed
if I didn’t teach at a women’s college I bet
I’d be taken less seriously, the way I’ve let myself
go, powerpoint slide with too many boxes
and too many arrows between them
so that everything seems to be connected
COINTELPRO, Redstockings, Deep Throat

maybe I mixed up Judy Grahn with Pat Parker

I’m beginning to
wonder if
the tactics
of this revolution
is to
talk the enemy to death

Parker means the enemy
she means this revolution too

Judy Grahn means death
who keeps us from / our lovers
the black man she leaves on the bridge
the women she didn’t hold didn’t kiss
the one with a knife she didn’t want
to sleep with—too fat too old too ugly—

she’s writing this in 1974
this woman is a lesbian be careful

so it’s a big deal when she leaves the man
on the bridge when she writes
as I have left so many of my lovers
that he should be counted among them
in 1974, Judy Grahn knows who the enemy is

six big policemen

and who her lovers are
and the wind

could blow them all over the edge

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