Two sonnets

By | 1 February 2021

Sonnet Lua – Malaga / Journey

Defending my life’s purpose I have sworn
yet times, at best, can cause me to forget
Why in this life I’ve chosen to perform,
this journey right until my time has set.

And though this path is hard (or maybe seem)
I have the blood of ages gone before,
running through these very veins,
begging me “sacrifice a little more”.

And so I shall each day lay tribute for
the selfless sacrifices of the past,
For it is now my life’s turn to assure,
these Ancestral foundations always last.

And with this knowledge always on my mind,
These days of self, I shall, but leave behind.

Sonnet Tolu – Agaga / Soul

When I consider that which life has spared,
this little heart takes breaths between the shifts,
and swallows deep the shade that through long years,
had hid all hope beneath a veil of myth.

And ‘neath this veil of lace false learnings part,
to set up camp within my troubled mind,
and pitch a tent upon this little heart,
and whisper “Joy is theirs and sorrow mine”.

But, from that song arose a blinding hymn,
that echos morning mantras to my soul,
and once that precipice, empty, save tears
now fills this little heart of mine with hope.

For what was once a dish I’d never taste,
Is now a banquet set to end the race.

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