Dear Kulisi

By | 1 February 2021

Dear Kulisi,

You think you’re funny but you’re dry AF.
Dry like pavlova – baked, burnt, broken.
Your brown-ness is fake.
We all know your shit is whiter than grandma’s cottage cheese.

Be yourself, it’s ok. No really.

We know you have issues, it’s pretty obvious.
We mask our issues with humour too.
Your lack of culture leaks through like a bad drip.
I actually feel sorry for you.

But then I think, yea naaaaaaah …

Cause when you came for one, you came for all.
Be prepared when all our cousins answer the call.
Stock up on your toilet rolls cause the streets ain’t safe.
You can’t stay in hidden in your castle forever.

We are the real kings of laugh, laugh, cry – and cry you will.
Like. A. Lil. Bitch.
Bye Kulisi.

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