1 February 2021

I said I got the keys like minit man, know the swag infinite fam
See that throne, see that lime, let me get up in it man
Know I push 365, 24/7
Been the plan since ’95, eating with the brethren

Someone get the waiter cos I’m looking for some meat
I dont see em, guess its rare, you got me blue on this beat
Kiss the jewel, kiss my feet, got a lesson, gotta preach
That the word for the youth is to bump this in the street

I said I ain’t no fucking jonah better check the fucking rep
Know I’m coming for the top, don’t be sleeping on my step
I been hungry from the start and I ain’t eaten in a while
So if you don’t treat me proper, Imma turn up real wild

Said I ain’t no fucking jonah, better check my stance
Mind on the grind cos I got big plans
And they don’t understand, I ain’t ever coming weak
I ain’t bout to waste my time man, fuck it let em sleep

I said okay okay, let me catch my breath
Let me kiss myself, let me puff my chest
See I’m not that big no I’m not that tall
But it dont matter to me cos I ain’t running from y’all

You don’t got nothing on me cos I’m not calling it quits
Y’all still talking bout numbers? My one is 676
And I don’t need no spliff to ever get this high
Cos if you look at my blood then you’ll see greatness inside

You see it’s F.R.E.S.H: thats the boy
Dressed in all FILA that’s the noise, that’s the noise
‘Get fresh’ dealer, I ain’t even had to try
Got y’all talking bout Fresh and I ain’t even had to die

See my name need Aretha, my girl need a crown
My team gotta eat, I need y’all to turn the sound
Peep the word, hear the truth, pay attention, kiss the ring
Cos if I’m coming from the Kingdom, know I’m bout to be a King.

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