Mail Order

By | 1 February 2021

And the old men’s hair style is the same –
parted partway from the temple
curling silver grey blonde
wave slick with Brylcreem.

And the cancer skin of these men
flushes pink in the Filipina bars
old and flaming, shirts open like
Miami-Hollywood-Down Under men.

And they say it’s too early for the barongs.
That you Pull that shit in the villages,
where the girls are young and dumb
cos those pineapple clothes will kill ya.

And in the hotels, we see them –
lazy ugly popped out guts cackling
about little brown fucking machines.
But the girls get pushed from behind

from families in nipper huts in provinces
and rubbish mounds in barrios.
The girls say, Hey Joe, guapo guapo
and the men smile stupid stupid with San Miguel

and show off square wallets fat with pesos
and photos of Mercedes with the top down
and caravans on edge of the bush.
And the women practise saying woop woop

and the men say we’ve had enough rice to be Chinese,
and they say come back with me sweety
and see my fast car for fast women

and their arms lump over them like damp clothes.

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