Two Headlines Trespassing

By | 31 October 2021

For more than these past few weeks, for months,
I’ll say I’ve been having the strangest dreams.
They want to stick to me, between my skin and
The time that I’ll oversleep, they fear the next
Morning, and the things I’ll wake up to, that my
So-called, morning-routines, will sober and put
Them away. Well, these days, my bed clothes can
Foresee calamities, and they keep a log of our
Panic, of all of the new words, which we’re
Using to make sense of these times: As such
‘Breaking News’ and ‘Important Updates’ are
These tall, inimitable stems, a boundary of
Garden weeds that sit out of the grass and come
Up to your knees, they know to wait outside
Sun-smelling, where my car is shaking to a start;
Where I won’t notice them in my afternoon
Washing, and even now, nearly two years on
I find them ‘misunderstood’, whenever they’re
Trying to ‘play dead in the footpath’, well, I think
That they are hoping to be seen, that they prefer to
Be thought of as ‘troubled’, as ‘self-sacrificing’
And how they must get together on the night before
Bin day, where the aim is to appear, unassuming,
Skittled between bins in the footpath.

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