Portal of Rings

By | 31 October 2021
A merry melody of orange rings that fall inward infinitely.
Pitch bends up,
When I am with you,
feeling in falling,
I am two places at once,
driving into a virtual horizon.

A circle is;
a retina,
a ring,
a hole,
a portal,
a hole (for sex),
a screen,
a painting,
or rather a painting is a portal.
I hate that painters would say that a painting is a portal.

An artist doesn’t make a portal.
I’m talking about a coyote in the desert,
working like a sign painter who literally,
makes a portal.

The characters are all flat pencil but they feel like plastic,
or fluid.
Blown out strings and cymbals,
they always crash.
It feels obvious but these sounds are very important.
It adds elegance and class to something cartoonish.

Paint a long long long long long white line through the desert with paint.
Paint a deep blue arch in perspective on a cliff face with paint.
Paint a light-blue light at the end of the tunnel with paint.
Add the touches.
Watch in amazement.
A friend once told me
“A circle [is] the shape of a portal,
where the future pours in.”

It’s a dream to run like a land-bound bird into the portal,
, but we are forever trapped as the angry coyote.
I was so angry when my ex made a painting of Bugs that I dreamt of punching it.
The frame would be a portal I could break through,
but a rock is not.

Though the pencil-plastic people are angry,
they’re never hateful;
their alliances are open to change, even if they’re regular.

While striving towards what we wish,
falling flat on our face,
each one of our teeth cracks and we fall over on the ground.
What has defied us
runs us over.
The xylophone descends.
We may crawl out of a hole shaped like ourselves with stars twirling above,
but here,
we can always get back up.

An emoji of a bomb.


It’s a silly joke, but a poem should explode off the page.
Maybe they’re proof that jokes are never silly.
By TV I mean a screen and all the small glass shards will perforate your eyes and skin,
so even though you won’t live inside the screen, it will live in you.

An emoji of an explosion.

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