go ahead, call it magic

By | 1 April 2019

Incantations alchemise all languages
with language powerful things can be done and undone.

How many times did the language lay you
bear enough to make another unafraid of themselves?

Even when you are lost for words
it is language that disappears?

I hear it all and I am not alarmed,
the little-feathered baby serenading the rushing tyers grip.

I see it all and I am not alarmed,
the devotion begging for a love that is only inside,

the carousel whirling around
the same story of misfortune.

This world is quiet in describing her beauty
she says, come and watch me do all the things that don’t make sense,

she says, I believe in you
even when you choose to tear at the hem of your humanity—

for the sake of my aliveness
I write elegantly always,

even if what I have to say is seemingly empty and dry
In preparation for the big feelings.

I write elegantly always
so when they arrive,

for these eternal etchings
soft bedding awaits,

and no struggle for
elegances dulls them.

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