By | 1 April 2019

Sky in. A type of kin that will make even
you beg for more. Whispers of favourites
turn the flame on. I let the words curve into
my mouth this way—what I’m trying to say
is still unfinished and coded it sounds a lot
like unspoken verbs, pronoun of this is the
heart. The adjective is the way the mind is
feeling but too scared of its truth. We have
never done things this way before.

Our words are backwards and on purpose,
how do we make sense of all this heat, what
happens when both passion and tension
sweeten the tongue, how do we tame
ourselves out of these flames so carefully
careless we could set everything on fire the
way we like this feeling to be this talented.
Watch the way it has taken over a body that
shares the words care and love with self.

When she lets you in be carefully honest
with everything, she is both blind and bright
in the same notion.

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