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One who would cry over daytime television
has been found in my living room. There is a distance

between the two anchors to maximise drag.
If it’s not a blender and it’s not a juicer then what is it?
Depending on your level of cover, you could be eligible.

People who have been doing it for years have no excuses
when they are gored by bulls. Turning to the weather,
it’s the same old story, a familiar blue continent.
Just like humans, cats and dogs live longer,
which means more visits to the vet.

Mayflies live long lives relative to their life
expectancy. You will not be charged for abortion
of your premiums, a perfect execution of commercial
primitivism, like virgins gracefully sliding


towards the rioting audience. It is an extractor
with exclusive cyclonic action, and it is good for your belt.
An emergency may means multiple visits

to the Department of Foreign Affairs. You have been
making the headlines lately. What do you have to say about
that taste in your mouth when you haven’t been sleeping
well? Here is a familiar blue continent where
it never rains, but menopause is responsible for
my mother’s nightmares of Cubism. Her granddaughter
has been formed demonstrably. You are the spitting
image of your father. Records have been broken
in his famous shadow. I know it looks bad, but
I have to work here to pay for my life as an artist.
What kind of artist am I? A sandwich


has come between the host and the producers.
Welcome to the home of the Triple Choc Muffin™.
Because I read somewhere that spitting spreads
disease. Would you like chocolate cake or cheesecake?
Because I read somewhere that his son
did it while under the influence of ice
cream. How about that European sporting team?
I need to get out of here. Hail me,
I am your leader. Can I do it over the phone?
Can I do it online? Because I read somewhere
that they had broken up. Like a myth,
we have been pushing the envelope up the hill.
Would you like chocolicious or redolicious?

I’m interested in your variable rates. I’d like
to take life insurance, and then I’d like to take


my life. Even my son knows to turn off the light
when leaving the room. It has been designed
to look expensive, but it isn’t, and it’s ethical.
We believe the best things in life
are free. Like energy from the sun,
we are wasted. We have been drinking
poorly poured pure water, ten times faster
than the background rate. I never thought
I would be in a superhero movie. Even my shadow
knows to leave the room when my son is entering.
This, in two minutes, is everything
wrong with the country. What do you call it
when all the bears disappear? Boy bands
have been uniting for a good cause


in space. No one can hear you scream.

You call it pandemonium. No one can hear you
full stop. Beneath the vertical line, there is
a little room for exclamation with windows and a door.
Slang is OK when used authentically,
but not like this. We have had difficulties
launching third-party rockets. Unlike other models,
it can be used guilt free. The difference
is conceptual. The difference is our exclusive
cyclonic action. We’ve made colour
matching fool proof. You will feel better in five days.
Sometimes, we put off the best things in life,
like a curse. Enjoy the security of our variable
rates. Scientists believe this is a historic
moment. Images will soon be coming in to replace


the artist’s impressions. Thousands of people have taken
to the streets. It has been a landslide victory.
Nine out of ten women would buy the milk again.
Manmade or natural, disasters have the power
to change lives. Like a weight, a state of emergency

has been lifted. There are seven serves in one glass.
In the age of online buying, the base itself
is under pressure. Thousands of landslides have taken
the streets. This gas has been know to help with
nerve function. Thousands of family and friends
are expected to be there.What’s your secret?
Six questions a minute, half an hour a day, six days a week.
Live exports have been slashed, like interest


rates. Is it a frilled-neck lizard or a frill-necked lizard?
The article is inconsistent, an example of community.
The Leader of the Opposition moonlights as a shadow
in the moonlight. The Prime Minister is a perfect
aspect. You can come back. We have all the information
we need. Information transmitted from the other side
of the Solar System takes fifteen hours. I am one
to cry over daytime television. The terrorist is dead
serious. Be unique. I’m kidding. Cartoonise yourself.
I wouldn’t call it a bubble. This program
is brought to you by the official milk of the league.
Like an anchor, the captain has been dropped
for the next test. What does a bullet do when
it hits its target? We have been told it reports.


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