Call me by true names

By | 8 April 2022

For Aunty Kerry Reed-Gilbert, 24 October 1956 to 13 July 2019.

In this valley,
generations of glistening gums reach skyward
Roots reaching deep,
Holding earth

I imagine lying here
Warmed by a fire
Billy tea, some damper
My dog and me

Whip birds call and respond
Flashes of sound,
Hisses and hums

Shifting light,
Shadow dust, where dry cracked earth lay broken
Creeks now overflow
Food and medicines everywhere

Purple lily, fringe lily,
Casesia Calliantha, Thysanthotus Tuberous,
Daraban, Munong, Yam Daisies, Microcseris Lanceolata,
Mummadya, Cherry Ballarat, Exocarpos Cupressiformis
Cauliflower bush, Cassina Longifolia

I am searching for words, confused at the order, the correct naming
Elusive, beyond my reach, clumsy in my mouth;

Wrapping myself around the silver flesh of a tree

Eyes closed,
I float for just a moment

Suspended…. Kissed by the breeze

Dissolving, becoming, returning

As country sings

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