for desire

By | 7 October 2021

in response to Kim Addonizio’s ‘For Desire’

give me his dark curls, his whites & browns & coppers
give me the sweetest porridge & the bitter olives
that take the longest to cure
give me the lover who feeds me cumquat
takes the bitten fruit i would not swallow fully
darts his tongue out to suck its pulp whole.
woo me in the middle of a grand room
with a wood-burning fire only someone
with callous hands could tame.
i do not want ambivalent greetings
but the one who opens his arms at the driveway
carves out a way for me to his childhood stories
leans his forehead down to my squatted thighs
& listens to my broken red-flushed poetry.
i do not want to be ravaged anymore
chased after on the dark streets
wolfed down by a blue-suited devil
who would not learn my name.
give me the warmth of someone who savours
who would not kiss me until i ask them to
who would untie my ruminations
with the same hands that worship
banksias & bushy yates at this land’s feet.
i want the lover who would kiss my knees
& ask me which heavens i come from,
who is light-filled, standing in a room unyielding
despite my storm, my soft fire, a gush of
waterfalls down a rapid stream.
i want his strong arms & the narrow girth of his body
pressing against me on a bed where
he asks first where i want to be touched.
i want to say: everywhere. i want to
sit on his lap & have an endless conversation
i want to live for love until i am brimming to the rim
all i could do is pour. i want to wait after a long day
for his truck to arrive & stand before him
wearing just my giant pink shirt
look him in the eyes then kneel at his feet
& tell him just how fucking good he looks.

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