Untitled Grasp

By | 13 October 2020

Callow in a treasure cave
Peering through a finger hole

Wanting finger stiffens
With chalky cuticles billowing

All gargles of what is and isn’t
Catch a breath of something

Deftly capacious
After divorces, dated feelings

Without notions of solidity
We are apparently just sieves

And a statuette can sell, carve paths
Poke holes in the ceiling

Cold shower glimpses of body thunder
A shudder feels truer than anything said

The consequences of focus took more
From me than love ever did

A ringing to replace trust grows
Braying in the back of me

As I recalibrate, digest
A feint stiffness wafts

Was once stiff in the back from laying
At altars, forever-beds, isms

Send me a video of butterflies
Licking a carcass on a hillside

If what matters is how the tongue
Gyrates around its little harem

Be silent in the reverb tails of
Unprovoked claims of realness

How many times must a confession
Be made before we begin to feel the same

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