Two Scenes

By | 13 October 2020
expand, taut skin sparking
sharp and hot. peel off rocks, curved
vessels full of yawning toothy sky or
that teary green, thousand winking archives,
cut-glass shoulders. here
I echo and unfold like a napkin
taking flight in sudden wind,
waiting & reaching
first dip of the summer —
one lung blown wide
submerge, completely,
until: blur:
sun-drenched stupor, each drop
a free-wheeling collision
kissing chapped lips into hungry bloom.
fade to blue and balmy
all contours and warm hollowed spaces
quiet like a prayer:
held in palm an infinite goodbye
underwater, eyes change hands

candy-coloured sweat: filmy casing
like a third body:
frozen time. light catches
ice melting in clammy-grasp,
condensation forming is a gasp
or a promise uttered aloud,
salty-granular and always in motion
hugging the open air
all glistening bodies,
slide on the sticky sweet floor
in between the bass and the next limb
come out the other end glowing
wet and dancing new, each
an oil slick, a wave of sound
I count my breaths on my fingers
sink into lip gloss pooling
heat phantom and piercing
this is communion, this is ritual
to feel synchronicity in deep electric
& forget the body, intimately
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