c’est l’homme

By | 1 May 2017

for John Forbes

develope a style until
it can say what you want you need it may
take years and years

of need a style
is a bit like a life
and then
it comes together
style book life
and then
much to your surprise
this neat construction
falls apart

there is no book
the life is not what was planned
and the style
seems hopelessly out of date and
immortality a fading dream but

the need
turns out to be timeless

and in the house there is
some small drug or other
to tide you over
and the style
takes a mini cooper and throws it
down like a gauntlet

and choosing a word is again
the first mouthful of something
brilliant and daring
always perfect

and you know
despite all the stumbling about in the bushes
the stubbed toes the dirt the broken fingernails

there was a kind of twisted little track
leading to the photo opportunity at the top of the cliff
and from there you can see

a mini cooper burning in the snow


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