Yolk Together Ruin

By | 25 November 2019

in the kitchen a woman tied a knot in a plastic bag over and over to cover a hole she tore in it minutes before. an hour passed and a man came through the kitchen door into the garden wearing the bag on his head. he was very pleased with himself and with the bag. then the wind took it. somewhere in greater sydney. somewhere in the belly of a whale.


: imprecise   therefore   expand
: going   perimeter   expand
: rockfill   interpret   spillway
: gut   leftover   spillway
: paring   drape   ignite
: language   embargo   ignite
: yolk   together   ruin
: temperate   inside   ruin
: exacting   further   gather
: toward   after   gather


the man came home from work to find that, once again, the woman had sold the bed. she told him that the bed was too comfortable, it spoiled them for when they had to sleep in other beds. he nodded and rolled a camping mattress over the floorboards. could she no longer stomach the plastic undulation; fucked face down on a water bed.


in an enclosed section of the ocean
: trout   saltwater   misc.
: ghost shrimp   oil slick
in an enclosed section of the ocean
: algae   lipid   farm
: ExxonMobil   form
enclosed:   section:   gone


bananas drifted out along the rip tide toward the sea. a man reported seeing a bull shark swimming down the main street of goodna, queensland and into the McDonald’s. forever the geography a leaning torso.


         in the sensuous expansion of water
392. come awake
393. the part of the body
         that waits for the blow
         : the head
         in the aftermath


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