commute aka I need a haircut

By | 25 November 2019

convince yourself
into modes of wistfulness
such an al line
waiting for the 8.13
listening to john talabot’s
house release
fIN play recurring witness
to the two sticks of the bolte
origins in burial imagined
but more fecund
& green
the alienation I’m
feeling is the condition
of my labour
on repeat
I need
a haircut
the salt breeze felt
inland across yellow
silo frottage
forearms burn & that helmet of hair
the commute is the best part
you can convince yourself of the commute
when this bad one is over maybe
you’ll miss the commute
but most likely you won’t
I couldn’t bear to face
the silentio profile
by the 100th 7/11
81 austerities published
in 2012 by faber
is something
like that happening now here maybe
it’s not permitted
retreat onus shift
the head of core design
resigned after the release
of the game in 2003
failures are so endearing
like cult classics
like hyper-care
personnel or semaphore
entering the workplace
a regular long black
just before midday
at slurpee stained counter
can you deliver
manage time
the apostasia of ’65
as if
to finger
the junta
james wrote of that breeze as govt subsidised divination
the cold front after the bake out
squatting with the used
cotton buds & cockroaches
on the western highway
orange brown
sweet soy
boy tea
at 9am
where it’s difficult to discern
music for managers /
which side of the pane
the enclosure operates
it’s tomb raider style
simulations of rain
of bouncing artichoke thistle
at 5.35
diesel rail
suspension pixel
I can & can’t be there
grey warm & the perspective
cho’s suitmation
a means of withstanding
incisions and genre
page boy cut
it’s tomb raider style
c. 2003
& she/we are
in paris & it’s dirty
blue light evening
along the side
9pm carpark
sunday elm heights
early feb
the hot box haunts: apartment rooftops
train graveyards & day clubs
defunct star
when I next see you I’ll be
doing ok yea
I’ll say
doing just fine

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