Moods Aligned

By | 1 June 2016

Fagia the remnants of my chaos fagia-Sweep
The first spurt of fearful thought
Ili niweze kukueleza kwa kina So I can tell you in detail
How I’ve fallen, where I’ve stolen

Hatuwezi fukia maovu kwa ‘kazi tu’ We can’t bury crimes by ‘work only’
Yabidi pia tupooze makuu We must drop the ‘we got this’
Sending our egos flying, without the truth
Of sincere observation, on how we got here

The history that’s delivered a people
Who throw garbage on the streets?
Build haphazardly, with no links
Of function and space, beauty & substance

In accelerating the cry ‘Hapa Kazi Tu’ ‘Pull up your sleeves’
I’d like to understand, what I’m working on
Uprooting the cause, by accepting the blows
Of bad governance, links of close-minded

Leadership, that began with the chiefs
Who let African skin go as cargo?
White men, who decided we’re savages
New ‘independent’ governments, that re-do

The ‘me first’, the patriarchal quirk …
Ndio tuna kazi, Kazi ya kuondoa dhamira hizi potofu
Yes we got to work, work in removing these false beliefs
I & you aren’t machines
But sophisticated beings, so moods aligned

In undoing our mess, let the intent be, true progress

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