Caroline Anande Uliwa

Caroline Anande Uliwa

About Caroline Anande Uliwa

Caroline Uliwa's poems were first published in a Magazine in 2008 from Tanzania titled Flare and later more of her poems were published in the Daily News. At both publications she worked as a Culture Journalist. She's currently one of the founders of a poetry club in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania called WAKA. In 2015 the publication worked with the 'Badilisha Poetry' from South Africa; in recording over 40 poets from Tanzania onto their online radio platform. She performs her poetry with music on various spoken word platforms in Tanzania, including La Poetista, Lyricist Lounge. Her first performance internationally was in Cape Town with other poets from various African countries. You can find much of her written works and recorded performances on her blog. She's also working on her debut novel titled Epic Notes, a contemporary diary.


Moods Aligned

Fagia the remnants of my chaos fagia-Sweep The first spurt of fearful thought Ili niweze kukueleza kwa kina So I can tell you in detail How I’ve fallen, where I’ve stolen Hatuwezi fukia maovu kwa ‘kazi tu’ We can’t bury …

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The Whisper …

She would tell me In the space between heartbeats Feel the punch from earth Coursing through feet to your fingertips Alerting you to the whisper of touch Beckoning you to listen for the precision of creation Is there peace in …

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