A Special Starch: Poems by Grace Yee

By | 1 August 2021
herd immunity

this story of intertwining social graces takes place at ground level where studies have shown that lupus sufferers tanked for nothing because hydroxychloroquine offers no protection against the chinese virus.             we tremble, my shin splints and I, on plural paths with imbrications tolerant of shade

dysphasia is an inability to arrange words in the proper order due to pressure from a Central Lesion (thieves looters slavers omniscient narrators).          our heroes lie beneath logs moss bark and rock, yield to the power walkers (round-toed, three-four abreast), their festive dawdling shitting dogs

hypoxia occurs when oxygen saturation to the hemisphere’s outer regions is critical, a situation caused not by mandatory masks but an overabundance of micro-fictional flora         (they
sutured these documents)

dysphasia is not to be confused with dysphagia: difficulty swallowing ‘no life-threatening injuries identified’ – or dysstasia: difficulty standing due to second-degree asphyxiation a k a knee-to-neck lockdown / steep grass verge

good morning mr tai-chi man (it must be 7am). what is the meaning of these endless knots you weave?     we are sailing. listen.            each of us is seed skink worm frond lightning-scorched eucalypt splintered creaking neck

the coroner’s report states that (in the absence of documentary photographs) no abnormalities could be detected. the fracture in the sternum is insistent consistent with the performance of
C P R. the weight of the heart lies beyond the upper limit of normal, an anomaly that necessitates force in keeping with the imperative to maintain the world’s organs in their correct anatomical positions

The first line is after Michel de Certeau, ‘Walking in the City’, The Practice of Everyday Life. University of California Press, 1984.

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