Grace Yee

Jennifer Mackenzie Reviews Grace Yee and Adam Aitken

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.” During the excitement of multiple events and literary get-togethers at the Ubud Writers Festival this year, the Indian poet, Sudeep Sen, brought to my attention Wittgenstein’s well-known quotation from the Tractatus of 1922. It seemed particularly apt as multiple languages, overheard in the daily comings and goings around festival sites, lit up many a conversation.

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A Special Starch: Poems by Grace Yee

‘A Special Starch’ is an excerpt from a collection that engages with stories told by – and about – early settler Chinese Australians and their descendants, with a particular focus on those who settled in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

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my father was not a gardener

but he was a handsome widespreading form descended from a long-lived drought-resistant species. every night he out-walked the doughnut boys “fuckin’ asians!” out in the street in their revved-up ford cortinas. walking, he knew, was good for surveying the lie …

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