7 Poems by Sumudu Samarawickrama

By | 1 November 2019

November Rain

Rabbits line the railway crouching

It is November, and the Grevillea, robusta.
Amber curlicues like signal flares,
make dimensional the visible world
and I see them everywhere

I did not see them last November.
It has been raining and the ditches brew frogspawn.
There are still greens in the tips of trees.
It did not rain last year

so it is rain and it is November because it is
Grevillea robusta, red in the insect leg flowers
in amber,

It has been raining, the cactus flowered demure.
My hair curls into gyres,
it is raining and it is November.
And the Grevillea robusta is everywhere.

Like flaming signals on the ridge
remember November
when it is no longer
and when it no longer rains.


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