Vladimir Lucien

Vladimir Lucien is a writer from St. Lucia. His work has been published in The Caribbean Review of Books, Wasafiri, Small Axe journal, the PN Review, BIM magazine, Caribbean Beat and other journals, as well as an anthology of poetry entitled, Beyond Sangre Grande. edited by Cyril Dabydeen. He was awarded the first prize in the poetry category of the Small Axe Prize 2013, and was awarded the overall OCM Bocas Prize for Literature 2015. He has been featured at the Miami Book Fair, the Read My World Festival in Amsterdam, as well as other events. Some of his poems have been translated into Dutch and Italian. He was recently awarded the post of Writer-in-Residence at the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus), which he served from January to May 2016.


The thing for me is, firstly, while I recognise the usefulness of full publication as a rubicon for determining real writers from aspiring ones, I do think there are many things that we can miss. For instance, over the last few years, some local anthologies have been published, representing the poetic output at national levels – Jubilation which celebrated 50 years of Jamaican independence.

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The Day He Got It

Samuel use to tell the girls tings. Would put his finger in the fellas face and say, “smell”. A salty sour stink was on it and sweat and fresh. He would tell the girls the tings he would do them, …

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