Urmila Pawar

Urmila Pawar was born in a small village of Ratnagiri as the youngest child of a Dalit family, Urmila Pawar learned early in life the meaning of her subordination as a woman and as a Dalit. The lesson she learned about the needs of self-confidence, and the courage to overcome these forms of discrimination has stood her in good stead in her attempts to break barriers and reach the stars. Among her ten published books are three short story collections. Some selected stories have been translated into English as Mother Wit by Professor Veena Deo of Hamline University, USA, and published by the internationally renowned feminist press, Zubaan Books. She has won many prestigious prizes for her sensitive exploration of the lives of Dalit women in India. Her Autobiography Aydaan, in particular, continues to touch the heart of all lovers of Marathi literature. Additionally, a commitment to bringing about change in the lives of women has made her a member of many organisations.

(लहान मुलांवर लैंगिक संबंध लादणाऱ्या व्यक्तीला उद्देशून…. ) तुला कधी पश्चात्ताप झाला ​का? | Did You Have any Regrets? (Ode to a paedophile)

Translated from the English to the Marathi by Urmila Pawar काय विचार करत होतास तू जेव्हा तुझं आयुष्य संपत आलं तुझ्या हृदयाच्या अंतिम ठोक्यापर्यंत? या बद्दल विचार केलास तू कधीतरी … काय तू त्या चोरलेल्या क्षणासाठी व्याकुळ झालास ते शब्द …

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