Sue Stanford

Sue Stanford is based in Melbourne. Her first book of poetry, Opal, came out from Flat Chat Press in 2006 and her second, a tiny book of haiku, The Neon City, came out from Post Pressed in 2008. She spends her spare time trying to read and translate from Japanese ... for a very distant PhD. Yes, the lenses on her glasses are getting stronger!

Translation Studies

beyond the reader’s window frame the sky’s taut tent pulls from pale nylon to the heavy canvas of a violently blue Australian mid-summer noon far up the lost transition the blackness of outer space her cheek turns against an indigo …

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Passage Through a Daemon

where does she stop

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ready or not

I can't write, the story without hands   applauding Derrida's graffiti   she will take the pen off him   To fill up   the red plastic devil eyes   and tell us where we are   Only yesterday filled …

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On Reading Mr Wittgenstein’s Lion

Every landscape painting is a left eye's worth of a stereoscopic image. There's no comparison. Sight has its own methodology. Hearing too. If a picture could talk we could not understand it. This, though black & white TV returned me …

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On Reading ‘Learning Human’

This blunt nosed wombat, greedy mega-faun, transforms obstacles to sustenance, chews his way through your front door, your doormat on his back. Rudely, he celebrates daggy mud gloves, or parades in pleated rain, a stray feather stuck to one ear. …

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