Shrawan Mukarung

Shrawan Mukarung is an important contemporary Nepali poet. His poetry questions the grand-narratives of the Nepali nation and portrays the hues of ordinary lives. 'Bise Nagarchiko Bayan' by him is a celebrated poem that reflects the political upheaval in Nepali society of the last two decades, and is considered by many to be a milestone in terms of questioning the centuries-old establishment and highlighting the issues of indigenous identity and injustices. His major publications include Desh Khojdai Jaada (When searching for the nation), Hiunko Darbar (Snow palace), Phoolko Awaj (The voice of the flower), Jeevanko Laya (Life melody), Bise Nagarchiko Bayan ra Anya Kavita (Bise Nagarchi's statement and other poems). Winner of several literary awards, Mukarung is currently the president of Nepali Writers' Association and a Member of the Nepal Academy.

Ancient Man | पुरानो मानिस

Translated from the Nepali to the English by Prakash Subedi One needs the newest thing to kill the most ancient man on earth What thing of that kind do you have left? An amended democracy? A republic? Sophisticated guns tanks, …

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