Sharon Rockman

Sharon Rockman is a poet, editor, copywriter, vet nurse intern and mother of five. Her poetry is a direct, acerbic and often humourful evocation of human nature and relationships; how we navigate, celebrate, collaborate, love and lose. She was awarded 1st place for BSFF prize 2002, 2nd place for MPU prize, 2022 and 3rd place for My Brother Jack, 2021. She was shortlisted for the ACU, Ros Spencer, Robyn Mathison Poetry, and the SSWW prizes – 2021, and has been published in Markarelle, 2021, Pallete 2021, Slush Love 2021 and The Canberra Times 2022.

Pattern Making

After The pattern is the foundation for the entire garment; pattern making is part creativity and part methodology. The blueprint. 1.Assemble your tools 2.Take measurements 3.Add style and design 4.Grade your concept 5.Move to draping 1.When you are four, …

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