Pattern Making

By | 15 September 2022


The pattern is the foundation for the entire garment; pattern making is part creativity and part
methodology. The blueprint.

1.Assemble your tools
2.Take measurements
3.Add style and design
4.Grade your concept
5.Move to draping

1.When you are four, it’s easy for the big boy next door at Dad’s to tack on a head job.
2.And when you are five, it’s simple for the big boy next door at Mum’s to grade you in the
garden shed, where it’s dark and the cobwebs wrap grey rafters.
3.Then it’s a basic step towards a GP who toiles you, all the while darting lude sexual
references at the bust line,
4. Which primes you for that dentist, that physio, that locksmith.
5. An entire block; row upon row of partners who have not yoked consent.

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